About Mark


I have spent many years working in industry analysing systems and the people working in them. Most of the time was understanding how people interact with each other in the workplace. Later my profession moved to Health & Safety which again focused on people.

Along side the professional aspect of my history I worked as a retained firefighter with a particular interest in human factor of the effects on the victims of accidents and also the resulting impact on the emergency service personnel. 

While working on all this I had involvement with local organisations and clubs such as the local junior football club again based on my interest in human interactions.

This finally resulted in my decision to concentrate on the mental health and wellbeing of people becoming my focus and passion. I have and continue to study several therapeutic principles, studied Life Coaching practices and techniques. All this is supported by the Achology community where we hold continuous training and discussion programmes.

To endorse this decision I have the fortune of being supported by a mentor who has 40 years of experience and learning within both the National Health Services and Private practice sectors where I can ensure that the clients welfare is always at the top of the helping agenda.

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